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Focus on Your Clients and Growing Your Business.
Let Your ROCKSTARTC Handle the Rest.

Our mission is simple: 
Offer Top-Tier Transaction Coordination Services for

 Real Estate Agents throughout Southern Oregon.

Our Listing and Transaction services are tailored to meet - and exceed - the everyday needs of our Agents and their Managing Brokers by providing the comfort of predictability, the convenience of adaptability, excellence in communication and utmost level of professionalism throughout each and every transaction, all while providing stellar customer service to clients and transaction teams. 

What Can Using a Transaction Coordinator Do for My Business?

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We're glad you asked!

Overwhelmed Broker

★ Struggling to find the time to manage your compliance needs and meet with clients?

 Want to grow your business, but find yourself capped out with only a couple of deal?

 Having trouble keeping up with the stream of emails in your inbox?

 Finding that getting paid on time after closings is more of a challenge than it should be?

We Can Help!

Save Time - Clock

We manage tasks, paperwork, compliance requirements, contingencies timelines and
general communications for each transaction, freeing you up to meet with more clients!

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