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What are your operating hours?
ROCKSTARTC Services is open for business Monday through Friday, 9AM PST to 5PM PST. We are closed on Federal Holidays and Weekends (We're open when Escrow is open!)

Who do I contact if I have questions?

For all general inquiries about ROCKSTAR★TC Services LLC, we can be reached at

For administration questions, please contact

For accounting or invoicing questions, please contact

If you'd like to leave feedback, or provide a testimonial, Click Here.

For questions regarding real estate transaction file management, compliance requirements, tasks or checklists, kindly contact your TC directly, or reach out to

If you're currently working with one of our TC's and you have questions about your personal file management, please contact your TC directly using the contact info provided in their signature line.

How are your TC's different than Real Estate Assistants?

The short answer is, Paperwork is our Jam. 


As your TC, we will:

  • manage and coordinate your full compliance files from executed Listing through Post-Closing

  • facilitate digital signatures

  • generate and facilitate non-contract documents

  • schedule pre-determined online appointments (we must know what the inspection is, who we're scheduling with and the pre-determined date/time for scheduling in advance)

  • connect with Escrow / Lender / Transaction parties to facilitate necessary documents and follow up on contingency timelines

  • provide informed explanations via email, phone or text (with SMS Authorization) of real estate documents to clients

  • manage your compliance checklists

  • refer clients to the best resources for all non-document related questions/concerns they may have.

As your TC, we cannot and will not take on any tasks typically managed by a licensed Broker or Real Estate Assistant (REA or RA), which includes:

  • working on the contents of files not delivered to us (Active, but not "ours") 

  • working on files that do not have fully-executed contracts (we do no process rejected offers) 

  • drafting contracts or addenda on behalf of an agent (This falls under the realm of Negotiations, which is strictly within a licensed Agent's purview) 

  • negotiating ANYTHING on yours or your clients behalf

  • make repeated follow-up calls that involve chasing schedules (we do not manage your or your client's calendar or appointment schedules) 

  • offer legal advice or council of any kind   

  • go to or show properties at any time, or add/remove lockboxes for you or your clients.  

Do your TC's hold a Real Estate License in Oregon or any other State?

No, ROCKSTARTC's Transaction Coordinators are unlicensed and are non-competing.  We do, however, hold our own Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance.

How do you handle files where you TC for both sides?

All of our Agent's transaction are serviced with the utmost professionalism and client confidentiality is handled with extreme care.  We handle two-sided deals the same way we would handle any other file - with confidentiality and care for each Agent and client.

If you brokerage requires any special non-disclosure documentations, or has a policy in place against the management of two-sided transaction services, let us our Administrator know at

Can you handle files that have already been opened?

Yes, we can.  We will work on Listing files that have already been started, as well as Escrow files that have already been opened.  We will process these as we would any other file.  

*Please Note: Any file requiring service starting at the end of, or requires processing past, your brokerage's required compliance period (typically 72 hours) will incur a Priority Rush Fee of $25 for immediate servicing.  


Click here for more information about Pricing, or Contact Us. 

What types of transaction files do you process?

We process files for Resale Properties, including Residential Listings and Buyer Purchases, Dual Agency files, FSBO transactions and New Construction deals.  We process deals for Vacant Land, Mobile, Traditional Residential, Rural and Condo/Townhome properties.


We do not process Commercial property files, Rental or Lease Agreement files at this time.

Do you only offer "full-services" or can you process Compliance Only?

Yes, we can.  While most of our file services are contract to close, we do also have several a la carte services available.

How are Service Invoices paid?

We don't invoice you until your compliance file is complete.  We can receive payment in a couple of different ways: If authorized by your brokerage, we can be paid through Escrow at closing.  If paying directly, you will have options to pay us for services via Credit or Debit Card, or via PayPal.

Do you / Can you work with Teams?

Absolutely!  We work with agents of all production types, whether they are individual agents or teams.   If your team includes an assistant, or includes 1 or more co-agents, we'll be sure to include all necessary parties on all correspondence for each file.

Still have questions?

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